Speeches & Facilitation

Al wants to help you create opportunities for your organization and members to grow by offering motivational speeches, board and staff retreats, and event facilitation. Our goal is to provide exactly what your business or community needs to jumpstart the future leaders and entrepreneurs in your community. Al knows how to deliver the right message that will encourage strategic thinking, problem solving, innovation and/or organizational improvement, because whatever the situation, he's more than likely confronted it before.

Our Approach

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Al will meet with your leaders to determine the best vehicle to motivate and inspire your organization.

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Once the method is determined, Al will discuss specific goals for your team. Next, he will customize the content to deliver the right message, creating a speech or event designed specifically to address those needs.

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Al will challenge participants and help lead them to solutions for individual and group success; he'll support staff to management, management to executive, and communities to growth and prosperity.

Success Story

Countless leaders in the Southeast and beyond have identified Al’s mentoring and leadership facilitation as a major factor in their leadership development. Some have decided to run for public office and have been elected as servant leaders – a mayor, a school board chairperson; others have decided to start or purchase and operate a business; others were promoted or offered new executive positions. Al delights in the success of others, and his resulting network is vast.

Client Testimonial

My career and life have been blessed by Al’s friendship and mentorship. Al has nurtured, groomed, and grown a generation of servant leaders in the Chamber family and in communities throughout the South. We have been given an incredible model of how to put others first in all we do. Thanks, Al.
Chris Clark
President & CEO, Georgia Chamber