Economic & Community Development

Al wants to help your community diversify its economy, improve per capita income and grow wealth. Pulling from vast experience and our unique resources, our team will help devise strategy and implementation that match your community’s assets to target the right sectors for positive growth.

Our Approach

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We start with a basic analysis of your inventory. This could include workforce, physical infrastructure, geography, accessibility to markets, IT infrastructure, and more.

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Al will sit down with your leadership team to learn about your community’s ideas and ideals. During this process, he’ll also work with a cross section of your community through surveys and focus groups, so we can establish aspirational goals together.

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It's time to ask the question: Where does the intersection of goal and reality lie? After learning the inner-workings of your community, our team provides an effective plan with short- and long-term goals.

Success story

Rome, Georgia, was a community traditionally based on textiles and floor coverings. Under Al's leadership, the Chamber of Commerce prepared a plan and pivoted toward advanced manufacturing, including the automotive sector. Now, Rome has positioned itself as a premier tech hub in northwest Georgia.

Client Testimonial

I grew up in the Al Hodge Church of Economic Development. He was such a mentor to me (still is) in both this realm and long-range strategic planning. I have met many Chamber professionals, but never one with such a positive tenacity for moving the community forward, nor such a stalwart supporter of public education. Al inspired me to initiate a long-range strategic process and through his mentorship, he is indirectly moving our community forward as well.
Blaine Williams
Athens-Clarke County Manager