Business Development

Al wants to help you create new opportunities for your business. We will offer strategic representation for your company to broaden and deepen your market, deliver greater impact and reach new clientele so you keep growing. Depending upon your needs, we may expand the team working for you by engaging additional networks for the best service.

Our Approach

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Al will meet with leaders in your business to identify your specific needs. Understanding your goals, mission and background will set the groundwork for an effective plan.

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We will capitalize on your business’ strengths and develop a strategic, personalized plan for implementation that positions your business for maximum growth.

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Using his decades of relationships and experience with U.S. and international leaders and officials, Al will effectively represent your company, products and services.

Success Story

An international company was searching for a location in Europe. The special expertise for specific laws and regulations was needed. After conducting its own research, the company was unable to find definitive answers and was going to take a long time to find and deal with the regulations. Overnight, Al was able to contact the right entities and provide complete information for the client. Update: the business is doing well in that location.

Al regularly identifies domestic and international opportunities and leads for clients. His participation in relevant organizations and other networking opportunities enables meeting the “right people” for business sales and additional development.

Client Testimonial

I am honored to know such a fine community leader as Mr. Al Hodge. Words cannot express my appreciation for everything he has done. He has had such a strong impact on the economic development of our area over the past 20-plus years. I have seldom seen such a dedicated hardworking person. From our operations in Mexico I send my warmest wishes and thanks to one of the finest individuals I have met in my lifetime.
Antoinette Brahm
President of Clean Air International & Vice President Clean Air America, Inc.