Public Policy

Our goal is to ensure that public policy effectively serves your business and community. Our team will engage with local, state and national officials as well as other business leaders and take the complicated guesswork out of how to effectively navigate government. Our efforts may include lobbying when necessary or will coordinate informal meetings to get the ball rolling. Al will act as an agent representing you.

Our Approach

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We'll begin by meeting with with business and community leaders to determine specific needs and goals. For instance, where does your community already thrive, and where should strategic changes be made now to open opportunities for the future? We'll take a big-picture, comprehensive approach to where you stand now, and help you take the right steps to ensure a strong future.

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The most successful communities understand that their own efforts and wherewithal are key to lasting success. However, knowing the right conduits to connect with resources at the local, state and federal levels are critical when it comes to policy issues that affect every day lives. Al and our team will meet with public officials and lawmakers to represent the needs of the client and determine how to ensure success.

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Al understands that bringing all sides to the table to discuss the art of the possible is the foundation of fundamental change. He has found success for numerous clients and communities through his connections and understanding of all sides of the public policy and political process. His style, demeanor and determination with a diverse array of clients and communities allows him to guide each side to victory.

Success story

In Augusta, Georgia, Al helped lay the groundwork for Fort Gordon to become a major cybersecurity hub through strategic planning, leadership decisions, and lobbying in Washington, D.C., and by coordinating with Georgia and South Carolina congressional delegations. Military Intelligence and the National Security Agency were key recruited assets to the cybersecurity designation. This forward-thinking endeavor involved two states and six counties and years of coordinated, strategic effort through numerous facets of the community. The change in Fort Gordon has changed the Central Savannah River Area region today and for the long-term.

Client Testimonial

One of Al’s greatest strengths is his knowledge of people with influence. All who know Al love him and he is probably the most respected chamber executive in the state, if not the Southeast. His contacts are invaluable, achieved mainly because of his engaging personality which charms everyone who knows him.
Frank Barron
Coca-Cola Bottling Company (Retired)